Pre-heating fuel system with filtering

  • Necessary to efficiently burn alternative fuels in any type of burner.
  • Great economy in the consumption of alternative fuels.
  • Avoids contamination of the asphalt mix with waste of alternative fuels.
    • In the case of aggregate dryers, avoids the contamination of aggregates.
  • Heating by means of an in line electric resistance.
    • Capable to raise in 40°C (104°F) a flow of 840 litre (222 gallons) of fuel per hour.
  • Security system that prevents to switch on the resistance if there is no fuel in the pipeline.
  • Precise control of the chosen temperature.
  • Special filtering system for the generally contaminated alternative fuels.
    • Necessary to efficiently burn alternative fuels.
    • Filters out impurities greater than 100 mesh.
    • Easily washable, without the need for tools.

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