In the following list, you will notice that some of the characteristics may seem repetitive in different aspects (productivity, quality, cost or pollution), this is because they benefit in several aspects.

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Lower acquisition costs compared to similar brands with less attributes.
Minimum operation costs due to demanding quality standards of fabrication and design.
The design and fabrication of the asphalt plant has been perfected to the last detail, with minimum downtime, with the evolution of almost 300 plants manufactured and monitored thru the maintenance we provide.
The dosing and feeding conveyor systems are manufactured under CEMA standards (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) which guarantees the most duration with the least maintenance.
Finding spare parts is easy and economic due to the fact that we use components commonly used in other industries, which also means that downtimes due to breakdowns are practically nil.
The drum is sealed against cold air inlet and it has the ‘Total Air’ type burner that does not require secondary air inlets, so less air needs to be heated and consequently less fuel consumption is achieved.
A preheater before the burner burns 100% of the fuel, avoiding contamination of the mixture with unburned fuel residues.
To efficiently burn cheap fuels, it is necessary to preheat them beforehand to reduce their viscosity. Not preheating it causes it not to spray properly and many microdroplets may not burn.
With the advanced “Total Air” type burner with which all the air entering the drum is regulated by the burner, there’s no need for secondary air supply for combustion, this achieves a very efficient carburetion that takes 100% of the fuel.
Advanced “Variable Power” burner, on which the fuel is atomized at a constant pressure even with a power loss. By reducing its power and production rate, the fuel pressure remains constant; the atomization remains efficient therefore avoiding the formation of unburned microdroplets which will contaminate the mixture with unburned fuel.
The advanced ‘Total Air’ and ‘Variable Power’ systems and equipped with a pre-heater, are capable of efficiently burn almost all cheap fuels with the lowest fuel consumption per volume of mixture produced.
The temperature is monitored in various parts of the drum, provided with alarms that indicate sudden changes, this is to save fuel and avoid burns that would diminish the useful life of the machine.
The drum is equipped with specific blade sections designed for each load phase, drying, heating and mixing, this will provide a better quality of the product with the least fuel consumption.
  • Loading section: The blades are positioned to form a shield of material around the perimeter of the drum to prevent heat from escaping, whereby the material absorbs all the radiant heat from the flame. They are long enough to prevent the aggregate from falling into the flame, decreasing it; this would result in fuel losses and mixture impregnated with fuel.
  • Drying section: The drum has full sail blades for efficient heat exchange and rapid drying.
  • Heating section: The drum has full sail blades for efficient heat exchange and rapid heating.
  • Asphalt mixing section: The drum has blades of intense incorporation for a fast and homogenous mixing of the asphalt with the aggregates.
  • Fine reincorporation section: Composite sail blades reincorporate the fines that have been dragged by the air current into the mixture.
  • Homogenization section: Blade sets for total homogenization of the finished mixture.
  • Ejection section: The drum has a blade set for total ejection of the mixture; they are mixture recycling and segregation proof; then it’s transferred to the drag elevator.
The drum is insulated for better heat retention and less fuel consumption.
Our counter flow model does not have a ‘cold air window’ which is unnecessary; its use in other brands considerably increases fuel consumption.
Computerized exhaust air gate with high precision electromechanical system and auto-correction to decrease fuel consumption.
Plant starts with minimum mixture waist, ideal for intermittent production.
Baghouse with 'reverse air' flow type; it’s more reliable than the ‘pulse jet’ type since it does not use any air compressor or electrovalves. The bags are cleaned with the same air flow of the extraction fan using only a rotating nozzle in the upper part.
The completely uniform return of fine material produces a binder (asphalt-dust) which allows the use of less asphalt in the mixture.
Thru a simple thermodynamic principle, the counter flow system works less hot than the parallel ones, drying and heating air flow, therefore, achieving less fuel consumption.
Computerized regulation systems avoid fuel, asphalt and aggregate waist at any range of production.
Computerized control systems that make it very easy to detect fuel theft, asphalt and aggregates.
No other brand can compete with this low cost mixture production.