Fuel consumption is one of the most important factors to take into account when elaborating asphalt mixture. Our plants consume less fuel by cubic meter than any other competition plant whether diesel or any other alternate fuel.

This is achieved mainly by the following characteristics:

  • Fuel pre-heater
  • ‘Total Air’ and ‘Variable Power’ burners
  • Insulated Drum
  • Sealed drum against cold air inlet
  • Radiant heat pick up blades in the drum
  • High efficiency sail blades in the drum
  • No ‘cold air gate’ in the counter flow drum
  • The counter flow and Plus drum systems, are computer regulated

A simple demonstration shows the savings achieved and appreciate its importance.

If our plant of 110-160 metric tons per hour, works only 1200 hours/year, with an average of 135 metric tons per hour of production, it produces an average of 162,000 metric tons per cubic meters with a specific weight of 1.8 metric tons, which is equivalent to 90,000 cubic meters per year. Considering in this example a fuel savings of 30% (15% to 44% average), applied to a typical 12 liters per cubic meter consumption, it results in savings of 324,000 liters per year at an average price of 9 pesos per liter of alternative fuel. This means a savings of 2,916,000 pesos a year! Just in fuel expenses.

We invite you to try it yourself. Contact us to locate a late (2016 and up) TRIASO asphalt plant near you for a demo.

We also invite you to do the same tests with the competition plant of your choice.

Fuel saving chart with Triaso asphalt plants