Fuel consumption of column drums on row drums

Triaso drums
Basic Plus Counterflow
Triaso drum, Basic ----------- Similar 75%
Triaso drum, Plus Similar ----------- 75%
Counter-flow drum, other brands (average) 85% 85% 64%
Parallel flow drum, other brands (average) 75% 75% 56%

Regarding drums from other brands:

  • Alternate fuels, not Diesel.
  • No pre-heater.
  • Does not have ‘Total Air’ type burner.
  • No insulation.
  • Cold or poorly sealed air inlets.
  • They are not equipped with radiant heat pick up blades or they are inadequate.
  • Their sailing blades are poorly designed.
  • They have ‘cold air inlet’ in the counter flow drum.

Fuel expense calculations for your project

Fuel price
(Per liter, tax included)

your price

Can use any currency, the calculation will be done based on that currency.

Fuel calorific value

your value

We suggest this as common value. A different value will affect the ‘Fuel Consumption’ but the proportions will remain constant for each drum.

Asphalt mix placed
(Compacted M3)

your volume

The volume placed in the mixture should be approximately 77% of what’s produced by the plant.

Fuel consumption
(liters per M3 produced by the plant)

Proven consumption of a basic TRIASO drum
With aggregate humidity to 3%, and an altitude of 0 to 1000 meters above sea level.

Fuel expense 
Parallel flow drum, Ohter brands(average)
Counter-flow drum, Other brands (average)
Triaso drum, Basic
Triaso drum, Plus
Triaso drum, Counter-flow