We have the availability, experience and agility for the design and manufacture of equipment customized to your needs or ideas, based on our large library of designs, or making it completely original.

With this we can satisfy very specialized needs for:

  • Jobs with special requirements.
  • Experienced customers with innovative ideas to increase productivity and/or lower operation costs.
  • Economic substitution of very expensive specialized equipment.
  • Equipment that is not in the market in a practical way, or in which a production rate very different from the existing ones is needed.

For these designs we have:

  • Professionals experienced in design.
  • Experienced professionals on site.
  • Development of the equipment under the relevant international standards.
  • Simulation with finite element software (Ansys®) to accurately test, the actual behavior of the designs.

We have specialized departments in each of the necessary areas:

  • Design department, with 12 professionals constantly working on special orders, new serial designs, improvement to current designs, new products and technologies, which constantly receive field feedback of equipment behavior with their designs for constant improvement.
  • Engineering Department, with 6 professionals dedicated to simulate on computer the design department's proposals and feedback the results to improve efficiency and avoid failures in the field of equipment.
  • Department of automation and control,with 12 professionals dedicated to the installation of our standard control systems and to the design and implementation of the special systems they request.
  • Quality control department, with 6 professionals who review the manufacturing equipment daily from start to finish.
  • Machining department, with 20 technicians working with computerized machine tools (CNC), special application, manuals and thermic treatment units.
  • Production area, with 200 welders, technicians and general workers experienced in the manufacture of equipment.
  • Department of installation, maintenance and spare parts, with 14 technicians specialized in the installation and maintenance of the equipment sold.