Great versatility of uses.

  • Hydraulic base stabilizer.
  • Black base mixer.
  • Cold asphalt pavement mixer, with emulsions.
  • Cemented hydraulic base stabilizer

Equipped to comply with international standards for construction and road maintenance.

Computerized control and dosing system.

Pugmill with production capacity of up to 200 or 300 Mtph.

  • Two mixing synchronized shafts by means of gears.
  • With adjustable mixing time to ensure total homogeneity.
  • More power than any other plant, to be able to handle cohesive materials.

With additional options to comply with all types of work and specifications.

  • Vibrator with activation by flow sensor.
  • Anti-segregation batch with neumatic opening system.
  • Powder additive feeder, up to 15 Ton/hr.

Synchronized by computer with the dosing bands of each bin.

We have design and manufacturing adapted to your specific needs

12 month warranty

The best after-sales service

We know how important it is that your equipment does not stop working.
The operation of many other equipment depends on the reliability of your mixing plant.