'Total Air' system.

  • The burner regulates 100% of the air for combustion, without help of the exhaust fan of the drum.
  • Due to this, the burner is mounted bolted to the drum, avoiding the entry of cold air.
  • By avoiding the entrance of cold air, you save the fuel that would be used to heat it.
  • This allows an efficient and precise carburation.
  • A total combustion is achieved, so 100% of the fuel is utilized.
  • With the total combustion achieved, several problems are avoided:
    • Pollution into the atmosphere.
    • Contamination of the asphalt mix with fuel.
    • Bag clogging in the baghouses, and high risk of fire.
    • Adittional ponds contamination in the case of wet scrubber use.
  • Efficiency is not affected by changes in ambient temperature throughout the day.
  • Avoids the common phenomenon known as “puffing”, or puffs of smoke.

'Variable power' system.

  • The fuel is atomized at a constant pressure, independent of variation in its flow.
  • This allows to work efficiently up to 30% of its power.
  • Great fuel economy in production ranges below the capacity of the plant.
  • Great economy in alternative waste fuels, more viscous and heterogeneous than Diesel.

Able to make 'warm mixtures' because of its "Variable power" system.

Low emissions of NOx (nitrous oxide), highly monitored greenhouse gas in some regions
Equipped with flame protection system to completely lower the NOx to zero

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