• To transfer rock material to other equipment.
  • To stack the processed rock material.
  • The 'radial' option stacks a lot more material than the 'stationary'.

    Internal and external belt conveyors

    Internal and external belt conveyors, which guarantee:

    • Maximum efficiency.
    • Maximum reliability of operation.
    • Trouble-free operation for many years.
    • Specifications to work double shift without presenting problems.
    • One of the few in the market that can start loaded with material.

      After an emergency stop you do not have to download the material manually so that they can restart.



    Characteristics of our internal and external belt conveyors:

    • Larger bearings, better sealed and more resistant.
    • Bands without staples (vulcanized).


    Characteristics of our external conveyors:

    • Attachable, for economic transport and without damage.
    • Reinforced especially against abuses in placement and disassembly maneuvers.
    • Adjustable tilt quickly by means of bolts.
    • Lateral and longitudinal stability in operation.


    We have design and manufacturing adapted to your specific needs under international standards