At Triaso, we equipped our first counter flor asphalt plants with baghouses 'Pulse Jet' type. After we realized that its high cost raised the sales price of our counter flow plant, we decided to change to the 'Reverse air system', with lower manufacturing costs but much more complicated design. With the acquired experience and computer simulation programs, we designed and we were able to manufacture our reverse air baghouses, which after minimum adjustments in the field, we can assure that it is the best in the market for the difficult working conditions of an asphalt plant.

Better performance

  • Better cleaning of bags. The more the bags are clogged, the more the differential pressure increases, thus the reverse air flow is stronger, and the bags are better uncovered. This is especially useful when using alternative fuels that tend to produce soot.

Lower operating costs

  • Longer life of the bags than in the Pulse Jet system, that cleans with a very aggressive short wave.

Simplicity and savings in maintenance

  • Minimal maintenance costs due to only having two moving parts, the rotary nozzle and the air intake damper.
  • Does not need air compressor.
  • Does not require expensive pipes with blow nozzles, one nozzle per bag.
  • Does not require venturis at the top of each bag.
  • It does not require delicate electrovalves for its operation, one for each line of bags.
  • Does not require a huge amount of digital PLC outputs, one output per solenoid valve.
  • The maintenance of bags is very simple, only the top cover is opened and the bag can be removed immediately. Do not disassemble the air tubes.