Environmental solutions with commercial viability
Triaso® and Phoenix Industries share their technology and expertise to offer you this Asphalt rubber blending plant.
The design and technological innovation of this equipment, offers an economical and practical solution to environmental pollution due to waste-tyre burning.
Furthermore, this equipment offers a product which guarantees durability and quelaity of the asphalt pavement, more so than any other method!.
Therefore, this equipment is conceived for contractors with high environmental conscience who wish to offer to their clients, pavements with more durability and higher quality than their competitors.
Asphalt rubber blend
Pure asphalt
One waste-tyre generated per person per year
Waste-tyres are crushed and turned into crumb rubber
Crumb rubber is blended with asphalt and used to produce asphalt rubber blend
Asphalt rubber blend is applied in a typical paving procedure
625 waste tyres are used per lane-kilometer in a 5 cms. overlay
Tyre wearout decreases on this paved surface, as a result, less tyres are consumed